WI Abbreviations

What is WI?

WI stands for Women’s Institute. 

What is SWI or Shadforth WI?

SWI and Shadforth WI stand for Shadforth Women’s Institute. 

What is the NFWI?

NFWI stands for The National Federation of Women’s Institutes. 

What is DCFWI?

DCFWI stands for Durham County Federation of Women’s Institutes.  Shadforth WI is a member of this federation.

What are Federations?

NFWI is made up of 70 Federations across England, Wales, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.  The Federations are generally organised by county boundaries, although some larger counties may be divided into more than one federation.   Each federation contains a varying number of institutes. 

What is ACWW?

ACWW stands for the Associated Country Women of the World. 

What is WIE?

WIE stands for WI Enterprises Ltd. 

What is a WIA?

WIA stands for WI Advisors, who are based in the Federations. They advise institutes and assist people who wish to set up new institutes.