WI Centenary

Centenary Celebrations 2015
100 Years of the WI! 
To mark the Centenary of the WI in 2015, many special activities and projects took place, nationally, regionally and locally. 
Here are some examples:
WI Centenary Baton
The Centenary Baton (top right) is travelled around the individual WI Federations that make up the National Federation of WIs: those in England, Wales, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.  Its journey took place during 2014-15 and came to an end at the Centenary AGM at the Royal Albert Hall in London, in June 2015.  The Baton came to Durham County Federation between 22nd March - 6th April 2014.  See file attached below for complete route timetable.

Centenary Fruit Cake

Sharing fruit cake recipes, the best being served at the WI Centenary AGM at the Royal Albert Hall in London, in 2015. 


Centenary Choir Competition: "Sing For Joy"

This competition, which allowed WI members to take part in national singing celebrations, culminated after 4 years in March 2015.


Tomorrow's Heirlooms

WI members created new treasures, using their excellent craft skills.