WI Campaigns 2000 - 2010

WI Resolutions: 2000 - 2010

WI Resolutions 2010

A resolution about the Mandatory clear labelling of food with its true country of origin was passed by 99.3% of delegates at the 2010 AGM:

"This meeting urges HM Government to introduce clear and mandatory country of origin labelling on all meat, poultry and fish products sold in this country."

WI Resolutions 2009

The resolution which will be debated at the June 2009 National WI AGM was debated and passed with an overwhelming majority of 99.4%. 

The text of the resolution is:

'SOS for Honey Bees - Honey Bees play a vital role in the pollination of food crops and in our environment.  In view of concerns about the accelerating decline in the UK honey bee population, this meeting urges HM Government to increase funding for research into Bee Health.'

New research as part of the No More Violence Against Women campaign was also launched at the AGM.  The research found that women living in rural areas are suffering as much violence as those in towns and cities but are less likely to think that it is happening in their community.

WI Resolutions 2008

A resolution about the Inappropriate Imprisonment of the Severely Mentally Ill: 'In view of the adverse effect on families of the imprisonment of people with severe mental health problems, this meeting urges HM Government to provide treatment and therapy in a more appropriate and secure residential environment.'  This resolution was passed with a 97% majority.  (The resolution on bottom trawling was not passed as it was voted against by 52% of delegates.)

WI Resolutions 2007

A resolution about the Closure of Community Hospitals was put forward at the 2007 AGM, at the Royal Albert Hall in London on 6th June 2007, urging "HM Government to stop the closure of Community Hospitals, which provide essential services to local people".  This was passed with a 99% majority.

WI Resolutions 2006

From the following potential WI resolutions in 2006 some were short-listed for discussion and voting on by individual institutes:

2. Renewable Energy
3. Health Risks
4. Sport for a Healthy Population
5. NHS Community Midwifery Model
6. Secret Ballots
7. Provision of Public Conveniences

The final vote was made at the NFWI 2006 AGM on 7th June at Cardiff International Arena.  The resolutions chosen for 2006 were:

Renewable Energy - "This meeting urges all levels of government to put in place legislation and policy requiring the use of renewable energy technologies in all new buildings, re-building and renovation."

Sport For A Healthy Population - "This meeting urges HM Government to: recognise that participation in sport is an essential factor in the creation of a healthy population; ensure the re-establishment of competitive (mainstream) sport in the curricula of all schools; and take such steps as are necessary to reverse the decline in the availability of sporting facilities for all citizens, particularly in light of the 2012 Olympics being awarded to the city of London."

WI Resolutions 2005

Care of our environment - "This meeting calls on WI members to take further action to reduce waste and conserve resources in their own homes and communities; to lobby manufacturers, retailers and decision makers to reduce waste in the production, packaging and transportation of public and consumer goods."  (Moved by NFWI Board of Trustees.)  Passed with a 99.4% majority.

Farmgate milk prices - "This meeting urges WI members to do all in their power to raise public awareness of the unfair difference between the retail prices of milk and the price paid to the farmer".  (Devon Federation Chairman and Devon Federation Treasurer, Federation Representatives for Devon Federation.)  Passed with a 99.2% majority.

WI Resolutions 2004

Trafficking of women and children - "In view of the constantly increasing trafficking of human beings, particularly women and children, for sexual exploitation and forced labour, this meeting urges HM Government to put into place legislation to combat trafficking and support victims, and urges all WI members to raise public awareness of this issue."  (West Yorkshire Federation.)   Passed with 98.5% majority.

The growing of GM crops in the UK - "In the light of growing evidence that the current generation of GM crops are beneficial for neither people nor planet, this meeting strongly opposes the growing of GM crops in the UK and calls on HM Government to prohibit their cultivation."  (Belmont & District WI, Herefordshire Federation.)   Passed with 88% majority.

An example of the actions following these resolutions is the joint statement by Amnesty International, Anti-Slavery International, the National Federation of Women's Institutes and UNICEF UK which called on the UK government to sign up to the new European Convention on Action Against Trafficking in Human Beings at the Council of Europe's Summit of Heads State and Government meeting in Warsaw.

WI Resolutions 2003

Children's diets, exercise and health - "This meeting views with concern the increase in obesity and diet-related health problems in children, and the associated risk of chronic disease in later life, and urges HM Government to regulate the promotion to children of foods that contribute to an unhealthy diet and to ensure increased opportunities for exercise and practical food education in schools."  (East Witton WI, North Yorkshire West.)  Passed with 94% majority.

Care of older people - "This meeting calls upon HM Government to take urgent action in order to ensure that the necessary facilities and services are provided to enable older people, irrespective of their means, to spend their remaining years in comfort and dignity, whether this be in their own home, or in a nursing or residential home of their choice."  (Sheringham Evening WI, Norfolk Federation.)  Passed with 99% majority.

Vocational training - "This meeting calls upon the Government to concentrate its efforts in promoting and strengthening modern apprenticeship schemes to provide skilled workers for the future."  (Gosforth WI, Cumbria-Cumberland Federation.)  Passed with 99% majority.

WI Resolutions 2002

Stricter Controls on the Importation of Foodstuffs - "In the interests of the health of both the people and animals of this country, this meeting urges NFWI to put pressure on the Government to implement stricter controls on the importation of foodstuffs into this country."

Support for Local Abattoirs - "This meeting urges HM Government to support existing small abattoirs and to promote the re-establishment of local abattoirs, in order to minimise stress to animals, reduce the risk and spread of disease, and encourage the availability of locally produced meat."

WI Resolutions 2001

Training of Staff Working With Older People - "In view of reports that some elderly people in hospitals, care homes and their own homes suffer abuse, both mental and physical, including neglect, this meeting urges HM Government to ensure that all staff caring for the elderly must undergo specific training for a recognised qualification."

Provision of School Nursing Services - "This meeting urges HM Government to ensure that all school-age children have access to a dedicated school nursing service that is local, responsive and informed by evidence of best practice."

Foot and Mouth Crisis (Urgency Resolution) - "This meeting calls upon HM Government to order a thorough and fully independent investigation into the causes, consequences and handling of the recent Foot and Mouth Disease epidemic, and to take the necessary action at all levels to ensure a sustainable future for farming and our rural communities."