Improving Our World

The WI has a lot of opportunities to get involved in changing things for the better.  Being part of a national organisation gives women more power to make a different and you can decide what campaigns the WI works on nationally.

In addition you may like to get involved in the work of the ACWW.

National WI Campaigns

- affecting the UK and beyond

Over the years, the WI has passed a number of radical, forward thinking campaigning resolutions, including in 1927, that our seas should be cleared and protected from oil pollution, in 1943, that men and women should receive equal pay for equal work, and in 1973, that all local authorities should provide a full free Family Planning Service.

The WI has an unrivalled reputation as a voice of reason, integrity and intelligence on issues that matter to women and their communities. Debt Relief, Human Rights, Support for British Agriculture, Sustainable Development, SOS for Honey Bees and No More Violence Against Women, are just some of the issues currently on the Women's Institutes campaign agenda.  The National Federation of Women's Institutes (NFWI) only campaigns nationally on issues that have been democratically selected by the members.

Selecting the WI Public Affairs Resolutions which become Campaigns

The campaigns that the WI bring to the nation start off as Public Affairs resolutions which can be put forward by individual members via their institutes, by Federations or by NFWI.  A shortlist of up to 4 resolutions is chosen by the 70 WI Federations.  These are put forward, with brief background notes of each issue, to the individual institutions for consideration.  Individual institutes discuss and vote on the issues and their representative votes for them at the annual national AGM.  The democratically chosen resolutions will therefore become the issues which will be developed by the WI Public Affairs Department and will lead NFWI campaigns.  In this way every member has the chance to put forward a resolution which could ultimately affect UK government policy and even the UK way of life!  By discussing resolutions and by getting involved in campaigns at national, county and local levels, all WI members are taking an active role in the issues of today.


Every WI member can represent their WI at national level by attending the National AGM.  With over 5000 other WI members this can be an exciting event.  The AGM rotates its venue, for example between Cardiff (the Cardiff International Arena), London (the Royal Albert Hall), Liverpool and Leeds.  The National AGM has had such speakers as The Queen (a WI member) at the WI's 75th anniversary AGM in 1990, and Tony Blair at the Triennial General Meeting at Wembley Arena in 2000.

Example past AGMs:

The 2011 AGM was held at the Liverpool Echo Arena on Wednesday 8 June 2011.

The 2010 AGM took place at the Cardiff International Arena on Wednesday 2 June 2010, with more than 4,000 WI members in attendance.

In 2009 the AGM took place on Wednesday 3 June 2009, at the Royal Albert Hall in London.  More than 5,000 WI members attended this event, sponsored by the Charities Aid Foundation, and there were a wide range of speakers.  Guest speaker Maureen Lipman addressed the AGM, entertaining the delegates and speaking about her support of WI campaigns.

The 2008 AGM took place at the Echo Arena in Liverpool on Wednesday 4 June 2008, with more than 4,500 WI members attending.

The 2007 AGM took place at the Royal Albert Hall in London on 6th June 2007.  More than 5,000 WI members attended, including a representative from Shadforth WI!  Guest speakers included Baroness Hayman, the Speaker of the House of Lords; Stuart Rose, Chief Executive of Marks & Spencer; and Alan Cook, Managing Director, Post Office Ltd.  The guest singer was Tony Christie!

More than 4,000 WI members attended the 2006 AGM on 7th June 2006 at Cardiff International Arena.

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WI National Campaigns
- Created Through Resolutions:

How to put forward your own resolution

Any member can put forward a resolution. Your issue must be presented to your institution.  If they like it, it must be seconded by another institution and then put forward to the NFWI, usually by September. 

See the attachments at the bottom of this page and:

Take Action - Campaign Resources
If you want to take action on a campaign a range of resources can be downloaded from the link below, or hard copies can be ordered from the NFWI public affairs team:
Special Campaigns

From time to time the Public Affairs Department also surveys members on their experiences or views on certain issues that may not be covered by a mandate.  In 1999 the NFWI published a report called The Changing Village, based on responses by nearly 5000 Women's Institutes to a survey about the state of rural services.  Concerns such as public transport and the closure of shops and post offices have since developed into powerful campaigns.