Links With Other WIs

Shadforth WI has links with other WIs 

Link With Sowerby WI

On a regular basis, Shadforth WI visit Sowerby WI, in Yorkshire, and Sowerby WI visit Shadforth WI.  

Sowerby WI usually meet on the 2nd Thursday in the month, from 7.15pm, at Sowerby Methodist Hall:




Link Group

Shadforth WI is part of a Link Group with BlackhallDalton-le-Dale and Newton Hall WIs (previously Castle Eden, Easington Village and South Hetton WIs). 
Link Groups exist to ensure that all institutes are represented at the annual NFWI AGM.  In rotation, a member from the Link Group attends the NFWI AGM on behalf of the other group members.  This person votes on the Resolutions as instructed by each WI in their group.  After the AGM they report back, in person or in writing, to each of the WIs in the group.

Groups and Group Meetings

Many institutes in Durham County are linked together in smaller friendship "Groups".  They usually meet within this group twice a year, each institute taking it in turn to host a get-together.  These offer a chance to catch up with news from the other institutes and usually have a speaker, a talk from a DCFWI WI Advisor, competitions, social time and entertainment, for example the plays that Shadforth WI enjoyed performing to entertain visitors.
  • In March 2010 Shadforth WI withdrew, for the time being, from being in a Group.   
  • Between 2006 - 2010 Shadforth WI was part of the Shotton Group, made up of Castle Eden, High Hesledon, Old Shotton, Peterlee, Shotton Colliery, Wingate and Shadforth WIs. 
  • Before 2006 Shadforth WI was part of the Hillside Group, made up of Belmont, and Shadforth. Before their closures this also included Pittington and Littletown WI, and earlier Sherburn, Sherburn Hill, Haswell, and West Rainton WIs.