Kurling in Shadforth Village Hall

"New Age Kurling" is a form of the game of Curling but instead of playing on ice it is played on any smooth flooring, such as the one at Shadforth Village Hall. The game is played with rubber kurling stones which have three ball bearings on the bottom that allow the stones to move along the ground towards the target, like in the traditional game, but warmer! The game can be played by able-bodied and less able-bodied people on an equal footing as it can be played from a standing or a seated position using a pusher.

New Age Kurling is one of the fastest growing sports and it is now being played in 23 countries around the world. Not wanting to be left out, after initially borrowing a kit from Age Concern, grants from the Cooperative Community Fund and Age Concern (Thank you!) enabled Shadforth WI to buy two Kurling Kits and start Kurling sessions at Shadforth Village Hall from Spring 2009. In 2019 Shadforth WI received funding for another Kurling kit, with grateful thanks to Believe Housing, so now even more people can enjoy the game.

Shadforth WI Kurling Sessions

WI Kurling sessions are regularly held in Shadforth Village Hall (a small fee is charged for each session). To check when the next New Age Kurling session is, or the date of the next session open to non-WI members, see What's On.

History of New Age Kurling

New Age Kurling was devised by Dymchurch resident John Bennett in 2000.  He said: “It came about after my disabled son said there were too few sports for people like himself.  It got me thinking and one night after watching an ice curling match on television, I was confident I could tailor the game to be played indoors on any reasonable flat surface.  The stone has three ball bearings on the underside for ease of movement and a handle for grip on the top.  The aim was for every player to direct the stone towards a target laid out on the floor.  For people unable to bend there was a pusher with a telescopic handle and wheelchair users could roll their stones down a ramp.”  So, after a great deal of modification, New Age Kurling went into production and was an immediate success.